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Advisory is the core focus of Alyiant’s business. With the complexity of legal and

regulatory landscapes and their impact on businesses evolving at a fast pace, it is imperative

to a business to ensure that its business and operational structures are compliant with

applicable laws and regulations in the run up to being established and post establishment. Our

approach is to provide a seamless service to your business requirements by being an external

advisor whose service offering is akin to an internal resource for your business.

We take a holistic approach to bringing to life your business ideas whether they be in the

financial services or non-financial services sectors and whether you are a start-up or large

business, by providing you with strategic advice on navigating your business accompanied by

robust business and transaction structures for managing regulatory compliance requirements

and managing the risks to your business operations. To do so, we possess an in-depth

knowledge of DIFC, UAE and the wider MEASA region’s laws and regulations and provide

timely advice on regulatory compliance matters for businesses operating in different sectors

as will be seen from the section on the types of Sectors serviced by us.

Equally important in the navigation of your business is to be nimble and adapt to changes in

your business environment resulting from external factors or other unforeseen situations

impacting your business operations. To ensure the smooth continuity of business, our

advisory services cover: the formulation of internal policies to define the procedures to be

followed where events impact your business; strategic advice on: management of risks

resulting from such events; organisational planning and re-structuring steps; and reviewing

and updating business processes and procedures to adapt to any resulting changes.

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