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A properly managed arbitration or court-based litigation can bring enormous benefits, whilst

a poorly managed one can result in financial loss and irreparable reputational damage.

Whether you are deciding to choose an arbitration or court-based dispute resolution

mechanism for resolving contractual disputes or whether you are contemplating commencing

or have commenced or are defending arbitration or litigation proceedings, our risk

management services provide businesses with the optimal strategy to deploy for pursuing or

defending legal proceedings. We have considerable experience with multiple Court systems

around the world, as well as with arbitration forums such as DIAC, ICC, LCIA, and SIAC.

We work with leading litigation lawyers in multiple jurisdictions, leading experts and

forensic experts from around the world, together providing a holistic approach to arbitration

and litigation matters.

Our arbitration and litigation support services assist with: carrying out investigations of fact

in to disputes, reviewing the evidence, assisting in making the case, identifying appropriate

counsel and experts based on the type of dispute involved, case strategy, and advice with on-

going case management until a final arbitration award or court judgement is rendered and

thereafter similarly assist with enforcement proceedings of an arbitration award or court


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