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Good governance and setting the “tone at the top” are critical and today’s longevity of a

business depends on a healthy balance of its broader corporate and social values and

responsibilities. We work with businesses to develop and put in place governance

frameworks which are built into your business from the moment you commence operations.

Our approach is top to down, factoring each part of the business in to the corporate

governance framework.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are increasingly becoming an

integral part of every business, impacting on revenue and growth. Our expertise covers

advising on the integration of ESG considerations into the management and operations of

businesses in the financial and non-financial sectors. for which several global initiatives and

frameworks have emerged for disclosure and reporting purposes. Moreover, jurisdictions are

increasingly putting in place ESG disclosure and reporting regulations which need to be

complied with. We prepare ESG policies for businesses which assist businesses in integrating

and managing ESG considerations in line with global standards.

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