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“We Understand your requirements and provide a Bespoke Solution for your Business”


About Us

Alyiant has been founded on the principle that every business needs to have a clear road map to implement its vision and strategy for growth and do so with optimal operational efficiency.

An integral part of the process is to ensure that the processes and operations of a business are robustly and efficiently structured from the commencement of commercial operations and throughout the life of the business.

With our hands-on approach, we work with you to arrive at a bespoke framework solution which fits your business needs and meets regulatory standards.

We look to your sustained and long-term growth and do so with attention to each detail of your operations cycle and expansion plans, so that your business moves seamlessly from

strength to strength.

Our strong global network bolsters our ability to assist businesses in multiple jurisdictions, so that we are able to provide a wholesome service for your broader business interests and commercial objectives.

Nurturing and building any business which sets a benchmark and a legacy of excellence requires ingredients of passion, time and patience. In the course of that journey, there is no alternative to advice which takes a holistic view of your business structures and operations which is what we do.

After all, just as you would, we to believe that

the race for excellence has no finishing line.

Our Services


Consulting is the core focus of Alyiant’s business. With the complexity of legal and regulatory landscapes and their impact on businesses evolving at a fast pace, it is imperative to a business to ensure that its business and operational structures are compliant with

applicable laws and regulations in the run up to being established and post establishment.

Compliance & Risk Management

With applicable regulatory requirements being prevalent in every business sector, the

necessity of having effective compliance and risk management support is critical.

AML & Sanctions

Global Anti Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and Sanctions (“AML”) laws and regulations can impact businesses in their local jurisdictions as well as foreign jurisdictions.

Corporate Governance and ESG

Good governance and setting the “tone at the top” are critical and today’s longevity of a business depends on a healthy balance of its 

broader corporate and social values and responsibilities.

On-Site Compliance Services

Our hands-on approach extends to providing businesses which need on-going support with

compliance advisory services at their operations sites alongside your teams, thereby providing on the spot assistance with compliance queries and cost savings by avoiding the need for businesses to add more full-time resources.

Regulatory License Application

An application for a regulatory license in the financial and non-financial services sectors can be a complex process depending on the type of the business activity, thereby requiring considerable time and resources from pre-application to obtaining a license.

Family Business Governance and Succession

We support families in developing formal 

succession plans, governance and decision-making frameworks for their businesses.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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